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We create interactive 3-D children's books, dynamic content conversion software, user-adjustable educational experiences

About Us

Our Guiding Principles

Enhance Learning - FishyTale Digital books such as “The Adventures of Lyle Little,” and “The Bugg Books,” allow kids to enter rich 3-D worlds, engage and interact with characters in ways that spark their imagination, and enhance their ability to read, learn, and comprehend.

Fuel Imagination - Kids are born with great imaginations and a strong desire to learn and explore. The staff at FishyTale embrace this wholeheartedly, and design every experience from the ground up to engage and inspire young minds.

Connect with Children - We tell exciting, emotional stories - the kinds of stories kids want to read again and again. In addition, we inspire kids to think about real issues, such as the consequences of bullying, positive self esteem, and the power of friendship.

What we Do

3-D AR Demo

Lyle Little Character App

Layered Stories

Our books offer users the unique ability to select text versions that match their specific reading level.

Scalable Puzzles

We've included intermittent puzzles that scale to the user's understanding of them, as defined by their selected reading level.


Our software will be able to track each user's progress, enabling parents and teachers to see where their child is struggling or succeeding.

Customizable Experience

Our modular software allows users to change their audio/visual experience the way that suits them best.

Integrated AI

We're implementing machine learning to encourage greater finesse within the customizable sphere of our software.

Fun for Everyone

Kids will have fun learning, without knowing they're learning, and both parents and teachers will see the benefits across the educational board.


What we've got to offer


What people are saying about our products

Stephen Cosgrove

Author - Serendipity / Bugg Series

"I couldn't be more excited to be a part of FishyTale. Their mission, their product, their team, all of it is fantastic and I can't wait to see where they go!"

"Frustration is setting in over using the same old tired methods, while students are racing forward with technology and losing interest in the classroom. FishyTale’s technology is a means to bridge that gap."

Lea DiRusso

Special Ed Teacher

Our Team

The folks who make it all happen

Eric Luttio

Chief Executive Officer

Denny Andrews

VP Marketing

Chris Luttio

Lead Engineer

Todd Harry

Lead Animator

Harold Ryan

Chief Operating Officer

Josh Hofstead

Chief Information Officer

Jen Tucker

Chief Financial Officer

Dana Fleming

Senior Media Liaison

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